CakeSafe Testimonials

  • Thank you, Scott, for the prompt delivery of our CakeSafe to Northern California via UPS second day air. It was imperative that we deliver THIS cake in nothing less than excellent condition . . . I spent a great deal of time researching cake delivery options and systems via the internet because I was going to have to be the one responsible for delivering this order. When reading about your CakeSafe, I was quite intrigued. I viewed every video regarding the CakeSafe on You Tube as well as on your website. I then showed the "Wedding Cake Delivery; two possible outcomes" You Tube video to my daughter, her fiancee and my husband. We all agreed that the CakeSafe was the best delivery system available. By this time, the wedding was only one week away. I emailed Scott, engineer and designer of the CakeSafe, inquiring as to whether or not he could ship an order RUSH delivery as our order was entirely contingent upon this fact. Scott was able to send our CakeSafe via UPS second day air from Rhode Island to Northern California and it arrived in plenty of time for the wedding. The wedding cake was massive, therefore, quite heavy. After showing my son (age 17) and my daughter's fiancee (age 25) the instructional video from your website on how to assemble and disassemble the CakeSafe, they were assigned the task of removing the cake from our refrigerator, placing it in the CakeSafe, and placing it in the van for delivery. The process went so smoothly. While driving the 10 miles to the wedding venue, we were calm, relaxed, and rejoicing at the peace of mind the CakeSafe enabled us to enjoy. Our traveling music included us "getting our groove on" to "Alright With Me" by Kris Allen. I exclaimed to my son, "This song expresses exactly how I feel right now. Believe me, anyone delivering a cake without the CakeSafe certainly wouldn't feel like this." Once at the venue, the cake was easily and smoothly transported in the CakeSafe to the venue kitchen as the wedding took place on a very hot and sunny afternoon and would remain refrigerated until time for the reception. The CakeSafe has totally revolutionized the cake delivery process for this cake decorating business. I can't imagine operating a cake business without the assurance of owning a CakeSafe delivery system. Julie Rost

  • Hi Scott and Juli, We would like to thank you for this great product! We have been using it for the past few months and it has given us a peace of mind when delivering our wedding cakes. It keeps the product safe and it also protects the cake from dust particles. Not to mention it is easy to carry. Your service has been exceptional. From the day you introduced the product to all the support you have provided. Special thanks to Juli for driving up to our shop from over an hour away just to help us with our first setup. Once again thanks for introducing cake safe to us and we look forward to doing business with you. Fatema Nuruddin

  • Hi Scott,

    Thank you so much for all your help. I just wanted to tell you that I used the Cake Safe box for the first time when I delivered the 4 tier wedding cake on October the 2nd, which was a hour and a half traveling time away. It was wonderful. No leaning cake like I had before. As I stated before I was on the Internet the same day that I delivered my disaster cake back in June trying to find a better way to transport a cake and came across your web site, THANK GOD. I can't thank you enough. The only problem I had was that I had to get the cake chilled when I got to the restaurant because it had the raspberry chocolate mousse in it so I had the cake put in the walk in refrigerator. I put the topper on and some more apple blossoms and after about 20 minutes the cake was perfect. I have a attachment of my cake for you to see in the walk in refrigerator at the restaurant.

    Thanks again, you are a really nice person.

  • Hey Juli and Scott,

    I wanted to let you all know about an experience I had with the cakesafe. It was just last weekend when mother nature decided to let it rain for two days straight here in Louisville and cause flooding. Well, Saturday I had to deliver a buttercream cake in the wet weather, not to mention humidity, to an outdoor wedding and reception. I thought the rain would take a break and let up, but I was wrong. We got to the reception site which was in a backyard and so far away we couldn't see the tent from the street. I had to get out of the car to find where this cake was going and after a long muddy walk down some hills I finally reached the tent. As I spoke with the groom he told me if the car gets stuck they have a tractor to pull us out. During all of this I was never once worried that the cake wouldn't make it to the table. So I go back up to the car and tell my mom we have to put the car in four wheel drive to get where we are going (she was driving). Her worry was that the car wouldn't make it, but we had to do what we had to do. We proceeded to drive the car down the hill, through the mud, around logs. We got the cake out while it was pouring and walked it through the mud and finally under the tent. It made it in one piece and without a drop of water on the cake. It was fully assembled through the process with the decorations on it as well. If I didn't have this there would have been no way to assemble and decorate the cake on site with out a disaster. When it was all said and done my mom told me she wasn't worried about the cake because it was in the cakesafe, "why else would it have that name?" And my mom is a worry wart about cakes!!! Thank you so much for this product and saving the day from mother nature and a little off road adventure. In the picture you can see the standing water in the background.

  • I used my brand new cake safe yesterday for the first time! I was still super nervous driving on I95 under construction. I also had to drive down a pretty good stretch of old cobble stone streets in center city Philadelphia. My cake was perfect upon arrival! It took me no time at all to set up. The hotel banquet manager was amazed at my "magic box" and wondered why every bakery in the city didn't have one. Your product is AMAZING! I purchased the medium safe and I will be in touch soon to order a small. Love, love, love my cakesafe! Thank you so much!!!

  • I used my Cake Safe for the first time today and I absolutely LOVED it!! The cake didn't move or wiggle at all in transit and it arrived in perfect condition...stress free delivery! The rod that goes all the way through the cake does leave a hole in the top so I had pre-cut a piece of fondant to cover the hole and I added at the venue once I took the cake out of the box. This is my mom & I going to load it into the car.

  • Dear Scott,

    First and foremost thank you for designing the sugar warming box and allowing me to use it during the National Capitol Area Cake Show. It worked beautifully. The heat was very even and I was able to do pulled and blown sugar items with ease.

    As a professional who teaches the art of pulled and blown sugar, I loved that students can see it from all sides. The independent lights are easily adjusted so that you can have 2 different pieces of sugar warming at 2 different paces which helps when working and teaching. What I love the most is that it breaks down and sets up easily. Super light and easy to carry.

    For beginners or professionals I recommend the Sugar Shack by CakeSafe.

  • I've had my CakeSafe for two years now and, since most of my client base is in a big city about 150 miles away, I use it several times a month to transport cakes safely to their events! I have even transported a fully assembled 5 tier cake over 250 miles! The hosts were amazed when all I had to do was pull out the steel rod and plop on the topper and I was done and the cake was perfect! In fact, we love the CakeSafe so much that now that we are thinking of buying a new car, the fact that it can or cannot hold two cake safes in the back is part of our decision making and is a deal breaker if they won't fit! LOL! Best piece of cake equipment I have purchased.

  • Hi Scott and Juli,

    I just have to tell you both how awesome the Cake Safes are! I just got my 2 new safes last week and got to use them for the first time this weekend. I had 2 wedding cakes this past weekend, and I was absolutely amazed at how quickly I could get them both done. No more hauling 3-4 boxes of tiers of cake. No more bringing borders and pearls and spatulas and a bunch of extra icing and all those other tools I need to assemble on site. No more trying to keep my concentration while centering a tier while bystanders are asking me a dozen different questions. Nope! I drove normally, didn't stress, brought the cake into the venue, unpacked it from the box, set the topper on, and left! I am so happy with my new Cake Safes! I am so glad I stumbled across your website and so glad I ordered them. Delivery day stress is now going to be a thing of the past and you have no idea how happy that makes me. I just wanted to tell you thank you for such awesome customer service and for coming up with such a great product! I'm one happy customer!!!! :-)

    I have to rave, yet again, about my Cake Safes! I had 2 of them both with 3-tier cakes in my SUV this weekend, headed out for my deliveries, nothing special, same thing I do just about every Saturday. While not completely paying attention to the road as I scanned for street name signs, I hit a very large speed bump going around 25 mph. Let me tell you, I'm not exaggerating that both Cake Safes went at least 2-3 inches in the air and came down HARD. A couple glass bowls that were traveling in the back with the miscellaneous cake stands, etc. broke to pieces. I stopped the car, ran back and opened the back door to inspect what I thought was sure to be a disaster, I breathed a huge sigh of relief that one cake was perfectly fine, absolutely nothing wrong with it. The other one, the one that went even higher and came down harder than the other cake, had very minor damage....we're talking a misplaced border and a little bit of smudge on the top of the top tier. Other than that, my cakes were completely intact and deliverable. We just had to stick the part of the border that fell off back on, and good to go! Had those cakes not been in the Cake Safes, I have no doubt in my mind they would have both been destroyed completely. I would have had to refund over $1000 for both cakes had that happened. Can I tell you how much I love my Safes????? They are one of the best investments I've ever made in my business!

  • I used my CakeSafe for the first time this weekend and let me tell you, you can't put a price on the stress it saved me! Although I expected the ease of using the box for the delivery, I completely forgot about the benefit of being able to store my cake overnight in the CakeSafe while it was still a work in progress! It was so easy to put together and disassemble on delivery. An AWESOME investment! Thank you guys so much!