CakeSafe Testimonials

  • Hi Juli & Scott,

    I am sending a picture that was taken today of me delivering my cake with the CakeSafe. Thank you for adjusting the size for me, and shipping it out so quickly. I really do like having it all built and ready to place. Just wish I had a bigger door on my cooler, so I could get the bigger size.

  • I just needed to tell you what a difference the CakeSafe made in my life this past weekend! Of my three wedding cake deliveries, two were in rural areas, one of which is a lovely venue located on the side of a mountain. Travel is slow and cautious around every turn, and there's a big sigh of relief each time a cake is safely installed. The CakeSafe has changed all that! I was able to drive normally at the speed limit around corners, up or downhill, with a fully-stacked tiered cake ready to place on the table- with no worries about damage or sliding tiers whatsoever. Quite frankly, I was amazed.

    In over 30 years of delivering more than a thousand wedding cakes, never has a weekend been more stress-free! I have to say that there is no longer a location or delivery that would cause me a moment's concern. The CakeSafe has completely re-defined wedding cake deliveries for me in a very real and life-changing way...... thank you!


    The Cake Safe just saved me from refunding a wedding cake payment, too! On Saturday I nearly gotten taken out at an intersection on my way to deliver a cake. I've never had a call that close- a minivan pulled out in front of me and I expected the crash and airbags at any moment. Even braking and swerving, I don't know I avoided her- my heart's still pounding! I pulled over to just gather myself, and she pulled up and said, "Sorry, I didn't see you!" And in the back was three tiers stacked in the magic box..... I don't know how the whole box didn't go over. The funny thing is, I almost decided to just pop the cake in the car since I was only going 5 or 6 miles- an easy delivery. But at the last minute I changed my mind and put it in the Cake Safe. Good thing- there's no way it would have survived without it. I am a very grateful (still shaking) lady- that box is the best insurance for ANY delivery situation- even close to home.

  • I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the CakeSafe. I was a bit skeptical at first. We've never transported butter cream cakes assembled before. We always took them in separate layers, did final assembly on site and then finished decorating them there as well. We used to have to assume that we would need 45 minutes to an hour on site to finish the cake. Like I said we were skeptical, so, before we used it in the field we tested the CakeSafe out first. My delivery/decorator guy Travis put a cake in the safe and proceeded to do skids, short stops, acceleration etc. in our parking lot....the cake was fine!

    It's great to be able to assemble the cake in the shop and take our time stacking it. Now we just have to deliver it, take it out of the box and cover the top hole with some frosting or the cake topper. It takes about 10 minutes. Plus I can trust almost any of our staff to deliver the cake. Before I needed to make sure that one of the 2 staff members I had, (that were comfortable with butter cream deliveries), were available. It's been a time saver and has reduced the stress of delivering a butter cream cake for us. We'll be ordering another one in a different size in the Spring!

  • I now have 2 CakeSafes and I can’t begin to tell you how much they have changed my cake life. I am now able to build my cakes in the bakery and deliver them fully stacked and finished with ZERO stress. I have tested the CakeSafe on bumpy roads and with quick turns and stops and It is truly amazing that the cakes always arrive in perfect condition.  I no longer have to spend 15-20 min loading and unloading the cake and I no longer have to spend 20-40 min finishing the cake once at the reception site.  This wonderful CakeSafe has me in and out of the reception site within 10 min which usually took 30-45, and I don't have to drive super slow anymore there is no need. So my drive time is even better. All the way around this invention has saved me so much time, my products look better (because they are completed in the bakery), and I have ZERO delivery stress. The other day it was raining and the box even kept the cake dry.Thank you so much CakeSafe,  my bakery life is easier because of you!

  • I am sooooooo impressed with how it worked and the biggest and nicest surprise for me was how easily the rod went through the cake especially when it went straight through foam core board I used between the 10" and 12" layer. Wow - it was a snap. The cake arrived assembled and all I had to do was pop on the fondant puzzle pieces. I saved considerable time. Oh, and the outside of the cake safe actually felt cool from the air conditioned ride which tells me how well it insulated the cake for the journey. This product of yours is absolutely fantastic! I look forward to getting another one in the future. I'll never take another cake disassembled again. The Cake Safe makes it so easy to stack and ready to go. Thanks so much for this fantastic design of yours.