CakeSafe Testimonials

  • CakeSafe cake delivery box

    "I don't know what I would even do without my CakeSafe."

    - Carline, Tica Designer Cakes

  • Another CakeSafe Success!

    "Another CakeSafe success!'

    - Julie Simon Cakes

  • CakeSafe Icing Combs

    "I'm always partial to a cake comb finish. This is the Rachel Cake Comb by CakeSafe. It adds just the right amount of texture and elegance."

    - Michelle, Hills Kitchen Co.

  • Cake delivery without heart palpitations

    "I bought an Itsy Bitsy CakeSafe! It's perfectly sized for 1 or 2 tiered cakes. I already have a CakeSafe "small" (which isn't actually that small). So I know that it's THE BEST way to transport fully stacked cakes safely & without heart palpitations. A huge shoutout to the lovely Rachel & Marissa at CakeSafe who helped me with international shipping! Thak you so much ladies!"

    - Laura-Madeleine R.

  • CakeSafe box for driving with cakes.

    "Thank you to CakeSafe. This huge cake went from Moreno Valley to Los Angeles without an issue!"

    - Sweetie Pops 'n Treats

  • CakeSafe cake comb

    "I used my CakeSafe Cake Comb in the Marissa design to achieve that look. Nice and clean."

    - Monique, Sugar Rush, LLC

  • CakeSafe baking tools

    "I'm just really loving your products. They really help elevate my cake game."

    - Christina, Tina's Bake Shop

  • "I just want to say how incredibly awesome the CakeSafe Box is. My first time assembling it was a breeze. Plus, it went straight through my cake drum. I'm so happy to have this new product as an addition to my bakery. Thank you!"

    - Kathy R.

  • Acrylic disks from CakeSafe for sharp buttercream.

    "Secrets to straight sides on a cake - CakeSafe Acrylic Disks. This is a wonderful family owned business in Rhode Island. They offer amazing customer service and the highest quality products!"

    - Kim, Love + Sugar

  • Sharp frosting edges on a cake DIY

    "The satisfaction of a smooth cake with a crisp edge is everything! I used Acrylic Disks from CakeSafe."

    - Sweet Karalyne Cake Pops