CakeSafe Testimonials

  • Tips for Icing a Cake

    "I just purchased my acrylic disk kit and this is my first time using it!!!! It has taken me to another level... Best investment ever!!!"

    - Cici the Chef

  • Mountain drive with a cake.

    "I just had my 1st wedding cake delivery using the medium CakeSafe delivery system. I have been making cakes for 13 years now and this was by far the easiest deilvery. Oh did I mention it was a 3 hour drive on a windy, bumpy, moutainous road? I highly recommend. Worth every penny!!!"

    - Antoinette Taylor

  • The best way to drive with a cake.

    "The CakeSafe is my favorite product! It has saved my life so many times! There's no way I would deliver cakes without it!"

    - Estefania, Let Them Have Cake

  • Worry-free cake delivery

    "How did I deliver this beautiful 3-tier wedding cake to the venue safely? As always, I use a CakeSafe! It's been worth the investment for me for the past few years for a worry-free delivery of multi-tiered cakes! So brides, bring on those wedding cakes! I got you!"

     - Joy, MMC Bakes

  • I'll never deliver a cake without my cakesafe!

    "My CakeSafe is AMAZING! The wedding cake arrived at the venue flawlessly, even after all the construction and drivers in Camden. I'll never use anything else to deliver tiered cakes again!"

    - Holly, BitterSweet Confections Bakery

  • Cake delivery in the rain.

    "Lots of rain on this wedding day, but the cake was safe! (Our hair was another story) Lots of love to Sera Petras for this photo, and to CakeSafe because without it, our lace details would have been ruined!"

    - Cakes by Rachel Bakeshop

    (photo taken after bride & groom cut it)

  • "Your products are amazing! The cakesafe is the best gift I've ever received! Makes deliveries super easy - no stress and knowing my hard work will be protected."

    - Special~T Sweets

  • Tips for driving with a cake.

    "The star of the show might have been my new CakeSafe. This cake traveled for about THREE hours in the car, in traffic, on bumpy dirt roads, and did I mention lots of traffic? Thank you CakeSafe for this amazing invention and giving me a little peace of mind while delivering. It seriously put my mind at ease during that looooong ride."

    - Lauren Borits

  • The best cake transporter.

    "Thank you CakeSafe! Delivering a wedding cake is much easier!"

    - Beth, Wicked Sweet Cakes

  • How to deliver a cake in the rain?

    "Pouring down rain during delivery. Glad we had our CakeSafe."

    - Twelve Five Cakery, LLC