CakeSafe Testimonials

  • CakeSafe Box for cake travel

    "My first time using my CakeSafe! So happy with my purchase!"

    - Molly Mullins, Molly Baked It

  • Cake combs, for patterns with personality.

    "Thanks for your great Henry Cake Comb! It helped me make these stripes."

    - HCakes

  • Driving with a Cake

    "Thank you again and again. I absolutely love my CakeSafe box. It's an investment worth making. I use it so much and it gives me so much peace of mind. I genuinely believe this is a fantastic essential caking product."

    - Raj, Cakes 'n Sprinkles

  • CakeSafe customer service for safe cake transportation.

    "Finally got a chance to unbox my CakeSafe. I'm excited to finally say goodbye to stressful cake deliveries! Thanks CakeSafe for the awesome customer service and quick delivery! Everyone was always very friendly and helpful. Keep up the great work!"

    - KayeSimplyBakes

  • Stress free cake delivery

    "My first stress free cake delivery."

    - Cakes By Asha

  • Cake Combs by CakeSafe

    "Just wanted to write and tell you how buying your cake combs is a game-changer for me! The design, Elizabeth, was used on a wedding cake I created for tomorrow and wanted to share photos with you! It made my life so easy- and the cake is just flawless! You have a loyal customer for life... or at least until I am sitting retired on a beach somewhere!"

    - Marisa Wiedl, Pastry Chef/Owner, Fresh Dish Catering

  • How to get straight lines on a cake.

    "Straight lines brought to you by the amazing CakeSafe Acrylic Disks, love them!"

    - Holly, I'll Make Dessert

  • Sculpted cake transported in a CakeSafe Box.

    "This little guy traveled 200 miles!"

    - Sweet Creations by Gigi

  • Cake deliveries don't scare us anymore thanks to CakeSafe.

    "Deliveries don't scare us anyore thanks to The CakeSafe!"

    - Wicked Sweet Cakes

  • Clean frosting edges with CakeSafe Acrylic Disks.

    "The cleanest cake edges ever thanks to CakeSafe's Acrylic Disks!"

    - Sprinkled With Love