CakeSafe Testimonials

  • Stacked Cake Delivery

    “Most of the time I wouldn’t worry when delivering a stacked cake locally. But, when you’re going up a driveway with a steep incline and you have a stacked cake, it’s scary! The CakeSafe is the best invention ever! There is a center rod that goes in the cake to replace your center dowel, and it locks the cake into the CakeSafe Box. The box also acts as an insulator to keep the cake cool during travel and set up!”

    - Shelly Starr Suetta


  • “Finally got to try my CakeSafe Transport Box and I LOVED it! My cake stayed at a nice cool temp and it didn’t shift during transport regardless of ramps or bumps on the road.”

    - Joely, Jelly’s Sweets

  • Guaranteed Safe Cake Delivery

    “I take tremendous pride in the cakes my customers trust me to create. These are the most important events in their lives. Because of this, I invested in one of these amazing CakeSafe Transport Boxes. This guarantees safe delivery and gives peace of mind when it comes to getting the cake to the destination unscathed." 

    - Angel Camarillo


  • Mountaintop Cake Delivery

    “Our wedding cakes now travel across rocky roads, up mountains, and across state lines to make wedding dreams come true thanks to the CakeSafe!”

    Hive Bake Shop

  • “My first cake transported in my CakeSafe Box was a 4 tier wedding cake. Normally I would have to assemble the wedding cake at the venue, but I didn't have to do that thanks to my CakeSafe! I was thrilled when my husband and I took the sides down on the CakeSafe and it was in perfect condition.”

    - Dana Bosgieter, Seize The Cake

  • “Did my first ever CakeSafe delivery on Saturday! The only thing that stressed me out on the drive was my children bickering! I’ve used CakeSafe Acrylic Disks for years as well as their airbrush Spray Booth, and they've made me a very happy customer yet again!”

    - Ivelisse Cañuelas, Beauty and the Treats EV

  • Small Car Cake Delivery

    “I used my CakeSafe today for the first time & it was like a dream! I’m so thankful I have this for all my cakes from now on. I have a small car, so I had to put it in my front seat and it still worked perfectly. Money well spent! ❤️” 

    - Mary Long 

  • “My wife and I own Dulce Nulla Gourmet Desserts. She does all the baking and I do all the building (assembling) of gadgets and gizmos. I wanted to tell you how appreciative I am of your CakeSafe Box!  It was possibly the easiest gadget or gizmo I’ve ever assembled on her behalf!  You’ve created a product that is not only useful but well designed and easy to put together! On behalf of all the husbands who lovingly get ‘voluntold’ to assemble the widgets and tchotchkes, I thank you for this one!"

    - Stewart Boyles, Dulce Nulla Gourmet Desserts   

  • Cake Designer's Dream Delivery

    “CakeSafe is a MUST for transporting a tiered cake! 

    Driving on bumpy roads - CHECK 

    Carrying your cake from vehicle to venue - CHECK 

    The CakeSafe is God’s gift to cake designers! If you are on the fence, invest in your peace of mind and buy one. Future you will thank you!”

    - Monika, MLC Bakery

  • “I had to deliver a five-tier double barrel cake an hour away, on a very hot and humid day. I delivered and set up at the venue as if I decorated on the spot! The CakeSafe Box is the best purchase ever!”

    - Dawn Hanley