CakeSafe Testimonials

  • CakeSafe tranport box for cakes.

    "It traveled 6 hours from super hot southern New Mexico to super hot west Texas with no problems. So glad I bought a CakeSafe! Thank you for a wonderful product!"

    - Amanda Kate Wingard

  • How to keep a cake cold in the car

    "As I live in Australia it was the longest 4 week wait ever. I was so excited for my CakeSafe to arrive. It's absolutely amazing, I love it. My son was a bit nervous when I told him to tilt it. I wanted to see what I had been watching [in videos] for months. To see if this was the real deal. Low and behold not only did it blow me away, it did other people too. I am going to be upgrading to a larger size in the future. Thanks CakeSafe for an awesome invention."

    - Justine MacGregor

  • Wedding cake transportation box

    "I shoved a metal rod through a cake and it was AMAZING!!! So glad I invested in a CakeSafe! I'd been hemming and hawing over buying a CakeSafe and finally did right before wedding season! BEST DECISION EVER! I tested it on a two-tier cake for my family and it was amazing! I even took a hard turn driving and the CakeSafe tipped and slammed into the seat in front of it. Oops! But the cake was still in perfect condition! Best peace of mind while delivering a wedding cake!!!"

    - MLC Bakery

  • Reusable Cake Box for Deliveries

    "I am forever grateful for your company. I have delivered over 100 wedding cakes, and not one mishap!"

    - Giselle, Sweet Creations by Gigi

  • CakeSafe cake delivery box

    "I don't know what I would even do without my CakeSafe."

    - Carline, Tica Designer Cakes

  • Another CakeSafe Success!

    "Another CakeSafe success!'

    - Julie Simon Cakes

  • Cake delivery without heart palpitations

    "I bought an Itsy Bitsy CakeSafe! It's perfectly sized for 1 or 2 tiered cakes. I already have a CakeSafe "small" (which isn't actually that small). So I know that it's THE BEST way to transport fully stacked cakes safely & without heart palpitations. A huge shoutout to the lovely Rachel & Marissa at CakeSafe who helped me with international shipping! Thak you so much ladies!"

    - Laura-Madeleine R.

  • CakeSafe box for driving with cakes.

    "Thank you to CakeSafe. This huge cake went from Moreno Valley to Los Angeles without an issue!"

    - Sweetie Pops 'n Treats

  • "I just want to say how incredibly awesome the CakeSafe Box is. My first time assembling it was a breeze. Plus, it went straight through my cake drum. I'm so happy to have this new product as an addition to my bakery. Thank you!"

    - Kathy R.

  • Insulated Cake Box

    "Rainy day... and our CakeSafe saves the day! Rain, sleet, snow, dust, dirt, etc... we got it covered!"

    - Cupcakes d'Amour