CakeSafe Testimonials

  • How to transport a large cake?

    "Delivery is always easy and stress free with a CakeSafe."

    - Gibby's Baked Goods

  • Wedding cake deliveries with the CakeSafe

    "I love my CakeSafe! It was definitely worth it! I wish I would've gotten it sooner!"

    - Qua'Tesha, Thee Bougie Baker, LLC

  • The only way I deliver tiered cakes safely.

    "The ONLY way I travel - CakeSafe."

    - Dessert Designs by Gisela

  • CupCakeSafe for safe cupcake transport.

    "I LOVE my CakeSafe Boxes! I made a huge investment in the system at the beginning of the year in preparation for 3 weddings. All three of them required quite a distance for traveling and I was super anxious about it. The pandemic moved a couple of the weddings, and business is starting to pick back up, but I'm SO glad I have my CakeSafes and the Cupcake Inserts!!"

    Julia, The Ocelots' Den


  • Keep cakes secure with a CakeSafe box.

    "Ever wonder how I deliver my cakes? I use CakeSafe boxes. They keep the cake covered and secured. Here is a cake I did last night. And I took a panel off to show that I can tilt the safe with the cake in it and it stays secure. Bumpy roads, steep hills. I’m good."

    - Ms. Laura's Cakes

  • CakeSafe is the Best!

    "CakeSafe - Best Thing Ever!"

    - Anitra Wright

  • CakeSafe Recommendation

    "This Itsy Bitsy CakeSafe is to die for!! I highly recommend for all bakers (home or commercial) to go and purchase one of these bad boys right now! This is the ultimate investment for peace of mind when delivering wedding/anniversary/birthday cakes with multiple tiers!!! Thank you so much to CakeSafe for this transporter. I also highly recommend using CakeSafe's acrylic disks for the straightest cake edges possible!"

    - Bea Home Bakery & Events

  • Comfortably Deliver a Cake

    "I would never do this with anything else other than my CakeSafe. There is nothing more comforting knowing that every cake I deliver is safe and sound in one of these bad boys."

    - Jeremy, Designed by Daddy

  • Long trip with a cake

    "This cake traveled just short of 1,000 miles. All the way from Ruston, Louisiana to Hawks Nest State Park in Ansted, West Virginia.

    Moore Cake Please provided the cake in a CakeSafe. Not only did it make it all in one piece, but was marvelously delicious. The CakeSafe kept my curious fingers out of it. LOL!"

    - George Seacrist

  • How to deliver a cake down a bumpy road.

    "Wedding season was in full swing this weekend. Thankful and grateful for our CakeSafes. They take the stress and worry out of cake delivery right away. Ya'll know some of our most gorgeous venues are off the beaten path, but we don't stress because our cakes are safe."

    - Farmhouse Cakes & Confections