CakeSafe Testimonials

  • Cake delivery made easy.

    "I love my CakeSafe so much! I went on vacation and actually trusted someone other than myself to deliver this cake while I was gone!"

    - Hailey Hebert

  • Delivering a cake on a dirt road.

    "We went down a dirt road and a zillion windy ones. The cake was perfectly intact!"

    - Brooke, B. Wild Baking Co.

  • How to transport a cake in a car?

    "This cake was put in the CakeSafe at 9am, drive to the church, then it sat until 12:15pm. Then drive an hour to the reception venue. As I'm taking the CakeSafe center rod out, it's ICE COLD!! This safe is the best thing ever!!!! I live in Southeast Texas and I can't move a cake without it!!"

    - Hope Miller Jackson

  • CakeSafe cake box in Switzerland

    "A wedding cake baker's dream. Firstly the shipment was amazing, fast delivery and safe packaging. It took the package 2 days to arrive in Switzerland all the way from the US. The CakeSafe itself is a dream come true, so easy to use and very safe. What was super stressful before, now is so easy. I really love putting my cakes inside of it as they are so super safe inside. Getting the cake out of the box is also safe and easy. Delivering in a country with many bumpy roads, steep streets and a whole lot of turns - and I couldn’t be less stressed when delivering with the CakeSafe than I am. So if you’re thinking about getting one definitely do so! It’s worth every single penny :-) "

    - Lea, MMH Cakes

  • "Tested the CakeSafe today - drove for two hours on multiple freeways in 115 degree heat. She survived the journey, it was great! I was nervous to pull out the metal rod, but it was fine. Thanks for such an amazing product. My husband (also a pastry chef) was blown away, too!"

    - Lara, LILA Cake Shop

  • No stress cake deliery.

    "About this weekend. Another stress-free delivery with my CakeSafe. Guys, this product is not only awesome, but seriously worth every penny. I drove with this cake only 35 minutes, but I've got to tell you before I had my CakeSafe I would be scared to drive with any cake anywhere at all. Now it is definitely something I can do! And it is so simple to put together! There are just so many amazing things to say about it. It's just amazing. This specific one is the CakeSafe Small Extra Tall."

    - Sugarplum Delicacy

  • How to transport a large cake?

    "This beautiful cake was delivered safely thanks to our CakeSafe. This amazing invention makes transporting & delivering massive cakes like this a breeze."

    - Two Sisters Cafe & Catering

  • CakeSafe box for delivering cakes.

    "We LOVE our two CakeSafes! We live in the country with LOTS of bumpy dirt roads and pastures. This has changed our cake game!"

    - Farmhouse Cakes & Confections

  • CakeSafe Transport box for mountain deliveries.

    "The CakeSafe went out on her maiden voyage today! A stress free ride over Kebler Pass. It was such a game changer. I don't know what took me so long to buy. It is the answer to the dirt roads and mountain passes of Western Colorado for sure!"

    - Hannah, Blue Sky Baking Company

  • CakeSafe transport box for easy cake delivery.

    "I used the CakeSafe for the first time today and I was so excited. It was SO easy and it worked like a dream. I was just so impressed with how easy it was to deliver my cake!"

    - Pearl, Pearl's Cakery