CakeSafe Testimonials

  • How to find dowel placement in cakes

    "Dear CakeSafe,

    Thank you for making the Tier Ruler. I used it a few days after my purchase and I couldn't stop staring and admiring how centered my top tier was and how even the space was on top of my first tier; not to mention it made for a rather quick placement of my dowels. This cake utilized the CakeSafe Acrylic Disks, the Tier Ruler, and of course the Itsy Bitsy transportation box. And oh, the Floating Cake Base, too!

    Keep rocking, CakeSafe!"

    - Lorraine Jones Creative House

  • Clear cake disks

    "Everytime I use my disk I love them even more"

    - Nancy G. 

  • Hexagon Acrylic Disks

    "One of the best things ever invented. They were such a lifesaver and made it a very quick frosting process! I highly recommend Hexagon Acrylic Disks"

    - Anisor Fernandez, A&M Cakery

  • How to make a heart shaped cake

    "The heart shape Acrylic Disks were very easy to use, and made me look like I knew what I was doing. :) "

    - Walter J. Ferebee

  • Acrylic cake disks for smooth icing

    "Excellent product and quality Acrylic Disks. I've been icing my cakes the old fashioned way (using the cake board as a guide for thickness/straight edges) for years now. It always took forever this way and I never got that completely leveled top that I wanted. I used these for the first time this past week on two wedding cakes and I love them! There's definitely a learning curve and you need to play around with different techniques to find what works for you. However, I already got a way better finish, faster, and more level than previously."

    - Kellie Velasquez

  • Best way to get sharp edges on cakes

    "Advantages of using Acrylic Disks - clean sharp edges and even buttercream on the sides."

    - Melissa Newman, CakesByMelle

  • How to get smooth frosting

    "I am a hobby baker and for the life of me, could never get straight edges and a beautiful finish on my cake until these Acrylic Disks came into my life! They work amazingly well and the CakeSafe customer service is top notch! Thank you for such a wonderful product!"

    - Stephanie Anne Perlman

  • CakeSafe brand Acrylic Disk Review

    "These acrylic disks are seriously amazing! They save so much time and I cannot get over the sharp and precise edges they produce. I love the disks and recommend them to all my friends too!!!"

    - Megha, Sugar Chic Desserts

  • “I received a large shipment of a bunch of your products a few weeks ago and let me just say… I’M IN LOVE! The Acrylic Disks are a complete life saver and save me HOURS! The disks give my cakes a much cleaner look and are extremely easy to use and clean! Plus, they are extremely affordable for being reusable!”

    Baked By Nivaaz 

  • Heart Shaped Cakes Made Easy

    “These flawless Heart-Shaped cakes are made easily by using CakeSafe’s Heart Acrylic Disks. I’ve been collecting vintage cake decorating books and I think it really shows with this heart cutie.”

    - Heather Rainwater, Heathercakes Baking Co.