CakeSafe Testimonials

  • Acrylic Disks for smooth icing.

    "Your Acrylic Disks are so easy and save a TON of time! I'm in a cake crunch today and have 10 cakes to put together, so you guys saved me!"

    - Mama Bear's Little Bake Shop

  • Acrylic Disks for sharp icing on cakes easily.

    "Why did it take me this long to invest in CakeSafe Acrylic Disks? They are amazing! Made it such a breeze to ice!"

    - Heather, Sagebrush Sweets Home Bakery

  • CakeSafe brand cake comb review

    "I love the finish on this cake using the Raven Cake Comb from CakeSafe. I've learned the cake must be very cold to get a clean surface! It worked like a charm! Thank you CakeSafe for the recent tutorial!!"

    - Michelle, Hill's Kitchen Co.

  • Sharp icing edges with CakeSafe Acrylic Disks

    "YOU GUYS! I am sooooooo happy with this cake. Thanks to CakeSafe I got SUPER sharp edges."

    - Kennedy's Confections

  • Cake decorating tools from CakeSafe review.

    "My amazing husband got me some amazing cake supplies from CakeSafe for my birthday. I've used the acrylic disks before and I love them! They always give me sharp edges and a perfect finish!"

    - Adelaide, The Baking Scrub

  • Acrylic Cake Disks from CakeSafe Review

    "Perfectly straight sides and sharp edges brought to you by CakeSafe's acrylic disks and scraper. These tools are everything!"

    - Stacey, Sweet Stace Cakes

  • CakeSafe brand Acrylic Disks Review

    "Frosting this cake was a breeze thanks to my CakeSafe Acrylic Disks. Gamechanger!"

    - Jessica, Claire Reese Cakes

  • CakeSafe Disks make icing easy.

    "CakeSafe Acrylic Disks have changed my cakes for the better! I am able to add an even layer of buttercream and I love how smooth and flawless it makes my buttercream. So simple to use, clean and store! I would recommend the Acrylic Disks to any level of baker!"

    - Suzanne, Caputo's Cakes

  • "I just recently started my own cake business. I was actually stocking up on supplies when I came across this site and decided to try the Acrylic Disks. They are absolutely amazing! The smoothest frosting I've ever been able to get on any of my cakes. I especially loved the hand signed note included in the package. It's very rare that you feel connected to a real person when you order online anymore and it was just a really special touch and so much appreciated. I will definitely be ordering on a regular basis!"

    - Tiffany Ratliff

  • Double barrel cake with CakeSafe brand Acrylic Disks

    "CakeSafe Acrylic Disks made this double barrel 8 inch cake soooo much easier to ice!"

    - Kimberly's Cakery