CakeSafe Testimonials

  • The best caking tools are made by CakeSafe.

    "You guys make cakes so much easier!!"

    - Betsi, Betsi Bakes

  • How to frost a cake.

    "This was my first time using the disks on the top and bottom of the cake, and it made smoothng the sides and getting a sharp top edge easy breezy! I used the 8.25" disks on my 8" cake, and it was perfect!"

    - Lauren, Lauren Haley Cakes

  • Acrylic Disks for smooth icing.

    "I love your disks. I'm just a hobby baker but I wanted my cakes to look great. So happy with them. I will purchase more sizes."

    - Daniela Cantana

  • Tips for frosting a cake.

    "I LOVE your disks so much! They make my life so much easier!! I bought some around Christmas and I just ordered more sizes!"

    - Elizabeth Zell

  • How to create smooth cakes.

    "Making a unicorn cake would be impossible without my acrylic disks by CakeSafe!"

    - Dunn From Scratch

  • How to frost a hexagon cake?

    "I’ve been buying from you for a while and find your products life-changing. I will attach my latest cake to this email so you can see what your hexagon disks were able to do!  Also, please note that all of the flowers are sugar flowers :) "

    - Todd Kennedy, Todd Kennedy Cakes

  • "A huge thank you to the Juli & the team!
    I am a novice cake decorator with perfectionistic tendencies and HOLY COW
    have you nailed it with the acrylic disks!! I've only used them once but I
    can assure you these tools are a game changer! What took 7-10 passes with a
    bench scraper took 3-4 passes and elevates the cake aesthetic ten fold!! In
    addition, I'm super impressed with the attention to detail by handwriting my
    name & signing the note card that came with the disks! That's class right
    there! I will be sure to tell EVERYONE how I create my delicious
    masterpieces! Thank you x 10!!!

    Warm regards & Cold buttercream,
    Bobby Johnson

  • Cake Icing Tips

    "I am EXTREMELY impressed with my CakeSafe acrylic disks!! I have a lot of practicing to do with them, but holy moly are they life savers! I've always struggled with a sharp top and getting an even amount of icing on the sides of my cakes, but those disks do the job!"

    - Sara, Sweet Dreams Bakery

  • Tips for Icing a Cake

    "I just purchased my acrylic disk kit and this is my first time using it!!!! It has taken me to another level... Best investment ever!!!"

    - Cici the Chef

  • The best icing tools.

    "Thank you!! The disks were a game changer for me! I'm completely loving the sharp edge look thanks to my CakeSafe disks."

    - Stefanie, OKC Sweets