CakeSafe Testimonials

  • Get smooth icing with CakeSafe Acrylic Disks.

    "This is the first time I used CakeSafe's acrylic disks and my buttercream couldn't be more smooth!"

    - Amanda, Painting With Buttercream

  • "Edges this sharp happen easily using CakeSafe acrylics and a beauty like this, gets to the party without worry using the coveted cakesafe transporting box."

    Deva, Big Laugh Kitchen

  • "CakeSafe for the win!! Thanks for helping me to get those snatched edges."

    - Dana's Cake Creations

  • Hey Cake Safe team!

    I truly have never emailed a company about a product, but holy cow these disks are amazing. I used them for the first time last night and cut my normal decorating time (and stress) in half. This is an amazing product and I genuinely thank you for making them.

    Lauren Meehan

  • How to ice a cake?

    "A huge thanks to CakeSafe and their magical acrylic disks for helping me get this smooth finish. Their products and their team are awesome."

    - The Kosher Queen

  • CakeSafe sells the best cake disks for sharp icing.

    "It's amazing how sharp the edges turned out! I frosted this cake with CakeSafe acrylic disks! They make the frosting process 10X easier!"

    - Ryan Wilson, Baking with Ryan

  • How to ice a square cake?

    "One of my goals for 2019 is to learn new cake techniques and try new decorating styles. I tackled that goal early by taking on every baker's kryptonite: square cakes. Luckily for me, making this square beauty with razor sharp edges was SO easy with CakeSafe square disks. This product has been a game changer for me when it comes to making tricky shapes."

    - Cakes By Kramp

  • I could not have done it without my acrylic disks!

    "Here’s one of my most recent cakes!  I could not have done it without my acrylic disks!  Just placed my 8th CakeSafe order!  Love supporting a business that is so customer oriented and has such integrity!  I wanted to say, again, how much I love and support CakeSafe.  Your products are fabulous, your customer service second to none, and the value outstanding!"

    - Jennifer Kokesh

  • How to get smooth icing on my cake?

    "I got my CakeSafe acrylic disks and scraper today and the difference in smoothness of my cakes is amazing."

    - Sweet V Cakes

  • Cake Disks for Smooth Icing

    "CakeSafe, thank you for those acrylic disks that gave me the clean edges!!!"

    - Monica, Dolce by Monica Camarillo