CakeSafe Testimonials

  • Who sells the best cake disks? CakeSafe!

    "Acrylic disks by CakeSafe are the bomb."

    - GIna, The Dream Cake

  • How to ice a large cake?

    "Wedding cake I did this weekend using my acrylic disks! They made my first 14 inch so easy to frost!"

    - Hailey Hebert

  • How to ice a cake fast?

    "Edges so sharp, they cut your time in half. Love your acrylics! You guys are awesome!"

    - Kristina, Crumblette

  • How to get straight sides on cake icing?

    "I really didn't think this cake had hope for smooth and straight edges! I almost didn't attempt it and did a piped border. But the disks worked! I just love your product!"

    - Amy, The Sweet Kitch'n

  • Clean edges on cake frosting.

    "Nice clean edges with the help of my CakeSafe acrylic discs (best invesment ever!)."


    - Monica, Dolce by Moni

  • What's the best way to get crisp icing on cakes?

    "This was my first cake using CakeSafe's acrylic disks. Look at the crisp edges and 90 degree angle! I highly recommend them! The disks are magic!"

    - Baking with Amy Jean

  • How to get smooth icing on a cake?

    "I love the acrylic disks. I got them yesterday and immediately used them on a cake I had due today. Look at the smoothness! I love it!"

    - Chareese, ReeTayl Therapy

  • "OMG, is all I can say.  I just received my discs, and after years
    of worrying about frosting, leveling, smoothing, and crisp edges.  My worries
    are gone, the first cake which I made last week with them came out perfect,
    in very little time.  One person had to stick her finger in the cake because
    she didn't believe it was buttercream.   Thank you."

    - Sarah McKenna

  • How do I get sharp frosting edges on a cake?

    "Used my CakeSafe acrylic disks to achieve that sharp finish."

    - Isabel Ratnakaran

  • Acrylic disks are the best way to apply frosting to a cake.

    "my first cake using the acrylic disks. so easy to use! genius idea! can't wait to add more cakesafe products to my inventory!"

    - Heather Mann